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CanrepPetroferm is a specialty chemical manufacturer with a diverse product offering. The Petroferm Products Division provides finished products used in the manufacturing industry to clean high-reliability electronics and precision parts.

Advanced Products for Advanced Cleaning
Petroferm's proprietary cleaning agents are synergistic blends formulated to meet the increasing demands of today's manufacturing operations. Offering the most diverse chemical technologies in the cleaning industry, our high performance cleaning agents are capable of removing both organic and inorganic soils from a wide range of surfaces and substrates. These products are specifically designed to effectively replace toxic, hazardous, flammable or environmentally undesirable chemicals. Petroferm products are formulated to perform in a wide range of equipment and processes such as; immersion, ultrasonic, turbulation, spray-in-air, vapor degreasing and hand wipe.

Our products are used in a broad variety of critical cleaning processes and complex applications including electronics, aerospace, defense, medical and automotive applications. Petroferm provides solutions designed to meet and exceed many stringent industrial environmental and manufacturing specifications. The Petroferm products are sold under the AXAREL, BIOACT, CleanSafe, HYDREX, LENIUM, MEGASOLV, Re-Entry, and RustSafe registered tradenames.


CanrepPellet Launcher System

Simple and Cost Effective
The Air Mate Pellet launcher system consists of an air tool gun and an adapter ring. The adapter ring houses the various nozzles which are used to compress the foam pellet facilitating its insertion into the line to be cleaned. Operating with compressor air (100-125 psig), the air propels the pellet through the length of the line. As the pellet is compressed, it attempts to expand as it travels the length of the line, scraping deposits off the inside walls and pushing the contaminant ahead and out through the opposite end.

Using a variety of sizes of pellets, the Air Mate system cleans hose, tube & pipes in sizes ranging from 3mm or 1/8" to 200mm or 77/8". The soft pellets travel easily through piping containing angle & tee joints, circular coils and "U" shapes.

This cleaning method is becoming ever popular at this environmentally, sensitive time. The foam pellets are inexpensive, making it possible to avoid the use of harsh and costly chemicals, solvents and soap. Furthermore, this cleaning system reduces water wastage and production down-time.


Pnematic Systems International (PPT)

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